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Extending direct ties

It has been a long time since the concern SpetsAtomMontazh, the largest business structure of the federal level, and its core member PMSO Electron (the leader in the wiring and start-and-adjustment business) have extended their business operations beyond one industry. Both have been active not only in Russia's domestic market but in the world market as well.

The fundamental difference between SpetsAtomMontazh and such structures as, for example, AtomStroyExport or TVEL, which also were set up on the MinSredMash base, is the principle of the former to do business with customers through direct agreements and to avoid any intermediaries. They also differ in peculiarities of corporate management that, in the case of SpetsAtomMontazh, is tough and, at the same time, transparent for customers.

SpetsAtomMontazh is such a vertically integrated holding that has no internal competition since all decision-making process is restricted to a single management machinery. This permits it to distribute orders among the holding's various enterprises without undue delays and to ensure the most efficient solutions of current problems of any nature and complexity as well as to rule out the very possibility of tardy or poor fulfillment of contracts. Such a structure reminds experts of interindustrial corporations of Western Europe and Japan, which used to be the major force of development in times of the most intensive economic growth in their countries. As for customers, they regard the holding as a reliable, convenient and advantageous partner.

The development of Russia' nuclear power industry, construction of experimental and commercial plants, underground nuclear testing predetermined the establishment of construction-and-assembling enterprises, which would be capable of bringing the most sophisticated scientific and design ideas to the technical completion. Thus, Central Administration 12 was formed under the Ministry of Medium-Sized Machinery or MinSredMash. This strong structure with many branch offices provided all kinds of assembling and adjustment works at the industry's production facilities, laying of pipelines and cables, construction of radio broadcasting and telecommunication systems, telephone communication and guard and fire-alarm systems, systems of physical protection. Central Administration 12 also constructed control and automatic machinery systems at production sites, made appropriate instruments and equipment, did scientific research and experimental development works, prepared design estimates and technological documentation for setting up assembling facilities for every construction stage.

The personnel of Central Administration 12 implemented complexes of installation works at nuclear power facilities, facilities of radiochemistry, petrochemistry as well as at special electrophysical and scientific-research installations, heat-generating plants. Among them were: reactors in the cities of Ozersk, Seversk and Zheleznogorsk; test desks and installations at the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (Dubna), the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy (Moscow), the Physics-and-Energy Institute (Obninsk), the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (Sarov), the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Engineering Physics (Snezhinsk), the Institute of High-Energy Physics (Protvino); complexes of assembling works, including drilling wells to conduct nuclear tests in Semipalatinsk and on Novaya Zemlya. Central Administration 12 constructed the Leningradskaya and Ignalinskaya (Lithuania) nuclear power plants, BN-300 reactor in Aqtau (Kazakhstan); facilities to produce methanol, propylene, polyethylene at the Tomsk chemical plant under designs and with equipment supplied by companies from Italy, Germany, Japan and Czechia; the plastics plant and water-desalinating installations in Aqtau, the fertilizer-producing plants in Kirovo-Chepetsk and Aqtau.

Along with construction of defense, industrial  and scientific-research facilities, a full-fledged housing and social infrastructure was created. Installers from MinSredMash not only did works on the turnkey basis at all facilities of the nuclear power complex and participated in constructing the largest town-building enterprises. They also created infrastructure in megalopolises. For example, in  the city of Novosibirsk, the scientific, industrial and business center of the federal Siberian district, they constructed the subway, erected buildings of scientific institutes at the Siberian division of the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as industries' academies, residential housing, hotels, theater and administrative buildings.Under new economic conditions Central Administration 12 was transformed into the concern SpetsAtomMontazh and directions of its activity were reversed. Our installers started doing works at metallurgical mills, oil, gas and coal companies, microelectronic and instrument-making enterprises, breweries (the ones of the Baltika beer-brewing company) and dairies, offices of various companies and banks. In order to ensure the optimal interaction between miners, metal workers and power engineering machinists the independent management company, Belon, was set up. Having an annual turnover of 15 billion rubles the company became the largest investor in the region of the Kuznetsk Basin. Belon owns several mines and two concentrating mills. Its business partners include the largest metallurgical integrated mills, such as the Orsko-Khalilovsky, Uralsky and Novolipetsky mills.

The main personnel and technological potential of SpetsAtomMontazh is concentrated in its 12 leading enterprises. They are: Electron, EnergoSpetsMontazh, MosPromTechMontazh, UralGidroMontazh, PromStalKonstruktsiya, SpetsKhimMontazh, SpetsTeploKhimMontazh, TeploKor, PromMechanoMontazh, AngarskTeploKhimMontazh, PromElectroMontazh, KONATEM Concern.

All in all, SpetsAtomMontazh includes several dozens of enterprises, which are its shareholders. The availability of a big State-owned stake, licenses for all kinds of works, the quality control system certified in accordance with international standards make it possible for the concern to confidently win tenders for doing works at the most important facilities and to compete successfully with leading foreign companies. We operate under direct contracts and we do our work cheaper but better.

Just recently our installers participated in constructing the Rostovskaya and Kalininskaya power plants in Russia, the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran. The SpetsAtomMontazh installers did reconstruction works at the Tajoura Nuclear Research Center in Libya and now they are supplying electrical equipment and pipe assemblies to China's Tianwan nuclear power plant and the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India.

As the bilateral state and economic relations between Russia and India are becoming more active and in light of the forthcoming summit of our countries' leaders in Deli, the concern is ready to consider a possibility of establishing direct business contacts for joint projects concerning new supplies of equipment, wider servicing, investment exchanges and interaction in other areas with state guarantees provided.

Today SpetsAtomMontazh is prepared to implement:

  • general contracts at all production and social facilities  as well as at sites of industrial and housing construction;
  • assembling and start-and-adjustment works, including wiring and mechanoassembly, assembling of lighting, power supply and  communication systems as well as guard and fire-alarm systems, automated control and technological process management systems;
  • making and assembling pipelines of any diameter and for any purpose;
  • supplying electrical products (wires, cables of various sections and for various purposes, complex transformer substations, low- and high-voltage distribution devices, such as switchboards, panels);
  • making any kinds of special fixtures and industrial tools, including the explosive, lever, piercing, cutting, pressing and other types.
Valery Karmachev, President, SpetsAtomMontazh Concern, General Director, PMSO Electron


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