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Toyota Corolla 3-door prototype

Monday, 14 August 2006

The crude disguise made of cardboard, yellow mesh cloth, and duct tape makes this prototype look like a high-school project to build a car from discarded materials. But it's not - it's actually a prototype of a new Toyota hatchback coupe photographed recently in the U.S.

Toyota Corolla 3-door prototype
Corolla 3-door prototype
The car has a steeply sloping windshield, and uses small side windows at the base of the windshield similar to the Toyota Prius.

At the front, projector beam headlights are set in a stylish silver housing, which indicates that this is likely an upper-end model. A criss-cross of tape on the taillights partially obscures the taillights, which have chrome rings around the individual lights.

And one can clearly see that it is a two-door hatchback, not a four-door.

While Toyota will release the new Corolla at this fall’s Paris Motor Show in its standard versions as the 10th generation of this best seller model, a new sporty coupe like variant should be expected to come on the market quite some time later only.

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