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BMW M6 Miniature Released

Thursday, 27 July 2006

The BMW M6 Coupe is one of the most beautiful cars in the world, as well as one of the finest and most powerful 6-series models there has ever been. With its outsized chassis, stylish bodywork with an innovative lightweight construction and the comprehensive, luxurious fittings, the big BMW Coupe M6 opens up new dimensions in sportiness for cars. But it’s not just the BMW M6 that is in a class of its own: the painstaking manufacturing, characteristic design and outstanding attention to detail also make the 1:18 miniature of this dynamic luxury coupe a mini-masterpiece in its own right. 

When the BMW M6 was being designed, designers and developers were faced with the challenge of giving the vehicle a unique outfit, yet at the same time keeping its appearance similar to the BMW 6 series. The stylistic differences are therefore subtle and yet they highlight the car’s self-confident character: wherever the M6 may be, it plays the role of a very sporty and powerful high-performance coupe.

This is also true of the 1:18-scale miniature, which reproduces the successful design of the BMW M6 in all its impressive detail, such as the CFRP roof (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) that has been modeled faithfully on the original. The alloy wheels with five stylish double spokes look just as sporty and exclusive as the original. And even with the M6’s most important eye-catcher, the rear with the unmistakable four round exhaust pipes was copied perfectly for the miniature where the only difference is its size.

The miniature edition of the BMW M6 Coupe is available in Interlagos Blue from selected BMW dealers and on the Internet at

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