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Investors are leaving Georgia

Despite the public declarations of Georgia’s leadership after the “revolution of roses” that the most favorable and transparent investment climate would be established, the working conditions in this country do not ensure that existing risks will be redeemed.


Norilsk Nikel takes the sea

The Russian major producer of non-ferrous metals builds its own fleet. Currently, all cargoes of Norilsk Nickel along the Northern Sea Rout from Taimyr Peninsula to the town of Murmansk are transported by the Murmansk Ocean Company. The volume of this carriage under Arctic conditions is pretty significant and reaches approximately 1.2 million tonnes a year thus bringing the ocean company good profits, which actually amount to one fifth of its entire revenue. However, Norilsk Nickel itself is not satisfied with the shipment service: what with that and the fleet involved is pretty old, and freight costs are overrated (last year the freight costs grew by as much as 30 %).


Russian tractor: race to catch up with leaders

Despite the colossal slump on the market in the 1990s Russia’s tractor-building industry managed to survive and now it keeps raising rates of the production growth. In 2004 the tractor-building volume increased 7.5% to 8,700 tractors. Every third of them is meant for industrial purposes. They successfully compete with foreign models and even succeed in pressing them somewhat on the market, which is proved by the reduced share of imported tractors of the most mass-produced types.


RUSSIA ? APEC: Broad horizons of cooperation

Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation


Moscow Metals Summit


  • The only forum on the territory of the CIS that is organized by Metal Bulletin , the most authoritative magazine on metallurgy (London) Metal Bulletin holds annually about 20 conferences and seminars on metallurgy around the world. In 2002 the magazine's editorial board made a decision for the first time to organize a metals summit on the CIS territory. Following the striking success of the first Moscow summit this event was included in the annual program Metal Bulletin on the permanent basis.
  • A comprehensive coverage of problems and thorough analyses. The attention is paid to practically all aspects of conducting the metallurgical business. Reports made by companies' heads contain the most valuable analytical information on conditions in markets and leaders' strategy. The detailed report on the summit is published in the Metal Bulletin and Metally Evrazii (Eurasian Metals) magazines.
  • A unique opportunity to establish contacts with heads of the world's leading companies. VIPs, presidents and general directors of major companies, can be seen not only at the podium. It is quite possible to rub shoulders with them freely in the lobby over a cup of coffee and at evening receptions. Interpreters help remove the language barrier.
  • A friendly atmosphere and goodwill of the summit's organizers. The Metally Evrazii (Eurasian Metals) magazine that represents Metal Bulletin on the CIS territory is ready to do as much as possible to make Your participation in the summit useful and comfortable. We want to note with satisfaction that our services are in demand not only by Russian companies but also by partners from the CIS member countries. Among them are Zaporozhstal, Azovstal, NKMZ, industrial Union of DonBass, Ispat-Karmet, TNK Kazchrome and others.

Various sponsorship and promotional opportunities are available at this event. For further information please contact:

The coordinating committee

Phones: +7 (495) 241-76-95, +7 (495) 241-14-37; +7 (495) 241-87-45.

Fax: +7 (495) 241-62-77.

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