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Rotary engine: advantages and disadvantages

The rotary engine is permanently attracting attention. It design is as simple as could be but the car dynamics with such engine under bonnet is as if where are two engines mounted! So, why we are not driving the cars powered by rotary engines? The answer on this question can be found in the complicated history of invention and application of rotary engines, full of raises and downfalls...


Beating the Handicap System

Now €600,000 should buy a never-ending, dessert-sized slice of perfection. Especially when that curvaceous beauty is the Maserati MC12, good for 205mph, infinitely cooler than the Ferrari Enzo and more exclusive than Madonna’s wedding.


Firm Orgres: complex approach to heat supply

The principal business of the Firm Orgres is to ensure a reliable and efficient operation of power engineering and electrification facilities. In 70 years of its activity the company participated in constructing and commissioning 90% of all power engineering facilities in the former USSR. Their total capacity exceeded 200 million kW and the length of electric power transmission lines amounted to 500,000 km. Specialists of Orgres worked at over 200 facilities in more than 60 foreign countries.


New technologies of security

The G. Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of the RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) Siberian Branch has developed a microdose radiographic system of inspection and admission control called SibScan.


Gas analytic instruments: ways to counter terror

In the present conditions the problem of protecting human lives is getting especially acute. Since the 1980s the staff members of the Design-and-Technological Institute of Instrument Engtneering for Geophysics and Ecology (DTI IEGE), the Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences have been developing and making highly efficient analytic devices to detect and identify explosive, toxic and narcotic substances (ES, TS, NS). On the basis of high-speed multycapillary columns and remote vortex sampling a new type of portable express gas chromatographs of the ECHO series has been developed.

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